UPDATED Youth Basketball Vaccine Clarification

Sat January 1, 2022


CCDPH Mandate Order 2120-11 Amendment - No Proof of Vaccination Required for the Park District's Youth Basketball Program

The Cook County Department of Public Health has issued a clarification to their Mandate Order 2120-11, stating the following individuals will now be exempt for the Order;
  1. An individual 18 years of younger who enters a business subject to this Order or to participate in an activity sponsored by a school, park district child care or after school program, or other organizations as defined by the CCDPH, or youth or adults participating in special recreation.
As a result of the latest clarification, proof of vaccination is no longer required for our coaches or players for our Youth Basketball Program. Masking will be required at all games and practices. The Park District will send out an update on Monday as to when the program will begin. Any participant who withdrew their registration due to the proof of vaccination requirement is encouraged to contact Jen Snow at jsnow@rfparks.com or 703-366-6660 (M-F, 8:30am-4:30pm) to re-register and be placed on their original team.