----Thorguard.jpgThe River Forest Park District has a new Lightning Detection system in place at Keystone, Centennial (Library), Constitution (north of Willard School) and Washington Commons, and Priory Parks. The system has been provided for your safety; please understand how the system works and what to do when an alert is sounded.

When lightning is imminent, a single 15-second horn blast will alert of the impending danger, as will a flashing strobe light at each location. When this occurs, parks and facilities are deemed closed, and all activities should cease immediately. Park patrons should then seek safe shelter in a building or automobile.

When the danger of an imminent strike has passed, you may return to outdoor activities upon hearing three short 5-second blasts, the "all clear" signal. The strobe light is a second indicator of "all-clear", only if it is not flashing. If the strobe light remains on, the danger of lightning is still a possibility, and facilities will remain closed.

As a second reminder, fields and facilities of the Park District are deemed closed when the Lightning Detection System is activated. All activities are to be stopped immediately upon the sound of the horns or the flashing of the strobe lights, as the danger of a lightning strike may be imminent. Your cooperation is critical to the success of this unique program, as well as the safety of you, your team members, and the many families and friends of our sporting community.

The Lightning Detection System will be on duty April through November each year, from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.

Common sense needs to be used when dangerous weather conditions are approaching or exist. Don't wait for the Detection System to sound before you vacate a facility. If severe weather is approaching, or if you hear thunder or see lightning, please seek safe shelter immediately.

The Lightning Detection System is sponsored by Grace Lutheran School, River Forest Community Center, River Forest Park District, River Forest Rapids Soccer Club, River Forest Township, River Forest Youth Baseball-Softball, River Forest Youth Soccer, St. Luke School and the Village of River Forest.

Thank you for supporting this community-wide safety program!