The River Forest Park District offers 2 bocce ball courts in Memorial Parkway, between Jackson and Monroe.

The courts are open daily sunrise to sunset. Use of the courts is first come, first serve, however Park District programs and special events have priority use of the courts. The Park District also offers residents the opportunity to participate in the Park District's House Bocce Ball League.

The bocce ball courts are a Carry In/Carry Out park site, requiring all participants to carry out any trash they generate in the park, and dispose of it at their homes.

For more information on bocce ball, please contact the Athletic Manager at 708-366-6660 x104.

The Game of Bocce

Bocce is played with eight large bocce balls and one small target ball called the "pallino." The object of the game is to roll the bocce ball closest to the pallino. There are two balls per person and four players making up a team. Two players from each team are permanently stationed at each end of the court for the game. A game consists of twelve (12) points. First team to 12 points is the winner of the match

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