Registration Information


Confirmations will not be sent out, but you may call the Registrar at the Park District at 366-6660 x100 to confirm registrations.



The Park District reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine classes. If insufficient enrollment causes a program to be cancelled, notification will be given, and a full refund will be issued.

A $10 service charge will be applied to each Summer Camp cancellation and must be received one week before the program meets.  A $5 service charge will be applied to each Program cancellation.



Payment can be made by Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Money Order.  Full payment for all programs must be paid for at time of registration, no exceptions. Checks should be made payable to the River Forest Park District.



Summer Camps: No refunds will be given for any summer camp session, unless a cancellation request is received no later than one week prior to the summer camp session start date. Any refundable summer camp cancellations will be charged a $10 service fee per session. Programs: No refunds will be given for any program, unless a cancellation request is received 3 business days prior to the program session start date/time.  No refunds will be given for 1-day events or programs.  Any refundable program cancellations will be charged a $5 service fee per session.  No refunds will be given if a participant is removed due to violation of the Park District’s 4-Point Discipline Policy or due to disciplinary issues.  Refunds for credit card payments will be issued directly to the credit card used.  Refunds for cash or check payments require Board approval and will be processed the following month.



Please note the age and/or grade brackets for each program, and be sure the participant is in the proper group. The Park District reserves the right to remove anyone who does not meet the proper registration criteria from any program or activity.



River Forest Park District does not carry medical accident insurance for injuries sustained in its programs, and assumes no responsibility for personal injuries or loss of personal belongings while using District facilities or parks. Therefore, each person registering himself/herself or children for a recreation program or activity should review their own health insurance policy for coverage. The Park District requires all persons registering to sign the program waiver on the registration form when you register.



We reserve the right to terminate the participation of any individual in any Park District program, event, or facility for disruptive behavior or if it is considered by the Park District that the continued participation of the individual is not in the best interest of the participant or others who are involved.

Click here to view our 4-Point Discipline Policy.

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