Platform Tennis Facility Addition

The River Forest Park District Board of Commissioners is currently considering adding 2 more platform tennis courts and a paddle hut to the platform tennis facility in Keystone Park.

The growth of our platform tennis facility has been phenomenal, with our current membership at 165 members. Our 2 current courts have the capacity to accommodate 120 players, so the demand on the facility far exceeds its capacity.

The platform tennis facility is operated as an Enterprise Account within the Park District budget. This means that the construction costs and operation costs of the facility are 100% supported by revenues generated by the facility. The funding to construct the courts and the paddle hut come out of our Capital Budget, and these funds are repaid annually with platform tennis revenues. The repayment of construction costs of the facility are spread over a 15-year period.

If the proposed 2 new platform tennis courts are constructed, the construction and operating costs would be offset by the increase in membership numbers. Under the current membership rates, a total of 200 members would be needed to support a 4 court facility.

If the proposed paddle hut is constructed, the construction and operating costs would need to be offset by an increase in membership fees, alternate revenues from the facility, donations, or a combination of all three.

The Board is working with FGM Architects and the Platform Tennis Committee to develop options with probable costs.

Paddle Hut Concepts

Paddle Hut Concept Estimates

Paddle Hut Survey

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