Keystone Park East Synthetic Turf Infield Discussion

The Park District manages 30 acres of park land and two indoor program spaces.   For years, the River Forest Park District has faced the challenge of limited availability for indoor and outdoor space.  Space is always a consideration of the Park Board, and creating new space is something the Board continually looks at.  Since 2014, the Park Board identified synthetic turf as an athletic field alternative and has considered the use of synthetic turf as a possible option.  

Use of the athletic fields has increased yearly, and in 2017 the Park District was no longer able to rotate athletic fields for rest, therefore, our fields have little opportunity for repair and restoration.  The Park District needs to consider everything possible to maximize the limited athletic field space we have.  

In August 2017, River Forest Youth Baseball and Softball approached the Park District to discuss and propose a solution to the issues with the Keystone girls’ softball infield.  RFYBS is concerned that this infield is a flood retention site and prone to flooding after a heavy rain. They are also concerned about the amount of time and material it takes to prepare this infield to be playable after a normal rain.  RFYBS proposed converting the Keystone girls’ infield from clay to synthetic turf and pledged to donate $50,000 toward this project.  The River Forest Park District Board is currently researching this proposal, and drafting a FAQ document to address the merits and concerns of using synthetic turf at this site.

At  this time, the Park Board has made no decision nor taken any action on the use of synthetic turf.  If the Park Board decides the merits of synthetic turf are worth considering, a Public Hearing will be scheduled to solicit feedback from our residents.   


Special Board Meeting on the Keystone Synthetic Turf Proposal on April 4, 2019 ** This meeting has been cancelled
A Special Meeting has been scheduled on Thursday, April 4, 2019, 6:00pm at The Depot, 401 Thatcher Avenue, to solicit public comment and take possible action on the Keystone Synthetic Turf Proposal.  Residents unable to attend the meeting may make public comment via email to
For more information about the meeting cancellation, click here.


Click here to view the Synthetic Turf Discussion FAQ.

Click here to view a Synthetic Turf Report presented at the August 14, 2018 Park Board Meeting by members of the River Forest Sustainability Commission.

Click here to view the August 9, 2017 River Forest Youth Baseball and Softball Keystone Synthetic Turf Proposal.

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