Board Member Resignation

River Forest Park District Commissioner Molly Hague has submitted her resignation from the Park Board effective February 22, 2019 due to relocation out of the community. Commissioner Hague’s term was scheduled to expire in May, 2019. Commissioner Hague has served on the Board of Commissioners for the past twelve years, two of those years serving as President of the Board. Accomplishments during Commissioner Hague’s term include: the replacement of the playgrounds at Constitution, Keystone, and Priory Parks; the redevelopment of Keystone Park West; the redevelopment of Constitution Park; the addition of the bocce courts at Memorial Parkway; the addition of the platform tennis courts at Keystone Park East; the development of the Priory path system; the replacement of the Washington Square tennis courts; and the renovation of The Depot. We thank Commissioner Hague for her years of service on the Park Board.

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