Memorial Tree


The River Forest Park District welcomes your interest in the Memorial Tree Donation Program.  A Memorial Tree can be purchased and planted to commemorate people, organizations, or special events in most of the parks.  Trees can also be donated without a memorial, if so desired.


All Memorial Tree donations will be commemorated with a 4” X 6” personalized plaque of up to 39 characters, located at the base of the tree.  Plaques of 40-53 characters will require an extra $15 charge. Trees can be purchased anytime; however, planting will only take place in the Spring and Fall.  All trees are guaranteed for 10 years.  In the event your tree dies, a new tree of the same variety and size as originally planted will be installed by the Park District.


The Park District will assist you in selecting a tree and a planting location in a park of your choice.  Please note that park locations availability may vary from time to time. We will let you know at the time of placing the order if a location is not available for planting.


Ginkgo:  A native tree to the Midwest.  Exotic open growing tree that is one of the oldest tree species known in the world.  The unique fan-shaped leaves turn a brilliant yellow in the Fall.  Matures over 70 feet.


Sugar Maple:  A native tree to the Midwest.  This landscape standout is know for its outstanding Fall colors of yellow, orange, and scarlet.  Matures over 70 feet.


Burr Oak:  A native tree to the Midwest.  This inspiring tree has a massive trunk and a broad crown of short branches.  Its corky ridge bark makes an impressive display.  Matures over 80 feet.


Northern Red Oak:  A native tree to the Midwest.  This large, symmetrical and colorful tree is well suited for parks.  Bristle-tipped leaves turn red in the Fall.  This tree grows up to 2 feet per year it’s first 10 years of growth.  Medium growth rate.  Stately appearance.  Dark red Fall color. Matures over 70 feet.


Swamp White Oak:  A native tree to the Midwest.  This medium size tree has a symmetrical and rounded crown.  Attractive leaves turn yellow in the fall, then brown.  Matures over 60 feet.


Princeton Elm:  A Dutch Elm Disease resistant hybrid, with many of the qualities of the American Elm Tree.  Matures over 80 feet.


Tulip Tree:  One of the largest of the native trees of the eastern United States. Known to reach 70 to 100 ft in height. The name Liriodendron is Greek for “lily tree.” Also called the Tulip Tree Magnolia. Sometimes referred to by the lumber industry as the Tulip Poplar or Yellow Poplar.


For more information, please contact 708-366-6660 x102.


Gift Bricks

The Gift of Time…

We are still taking orders for Priory Park and Washington Commons Park Gift Bricks. Engraved gifts are a great gift idea! The gift of time is yours for your friends and loved ones. Personalized bricks create a distinctive, elegant impression and are a unique way to receive lasting recognition. It’s a special gift that will make any occasion a wonderful memory!


Gift Brick Certificate

Each Contributor will receive a handsome certificate in honor of the donation. Certificates can be issued at time of purchase, to present to your recipient that describes your gift and shows them how their brick will look. Your brick donation will be an integral component of the park, providing lasting recognition for you and others. The clay-fired bricks are seven inches by nine inches at Washington Commons and four inches or eight inches by eight inches at Priory Park.



Gift Brick Donation